The Cantina Visalli was founded in 1950.
It is located in the lovely town of Melito di Porto Salvo ( RC ), a short walk from the sea.
Its founder, Diego Visalli who was 30 at that time, a resourceful wine-merchant, was selling grapes and wine since the post-war and, as a result of its business, the Company has continued to grow.
The growth path has been long and even arduous .
Since then as today, the grape were bought in large vineyards located in the area of Cirò.
It meant great sacrifices in the carriage of the product, easily overcome by the determination shown by its founder.
uvaNow those vineyards, after 50 years, are on lease from winery, so as to create a quality grape growing .
The family tradition is continued by his son, Carmelo, who transforms local reality in winery known in Calabria and slowly in the rest of Italy .
Diego, the third generation of Visalli family, took the reins of the winery under the watchful eye of his father Carmelo, triying to reach a comprehensive corporate vision, turning the daily production in reality refining.
In fact, significant financial allocations were made on a technical level by investing in new barriques, production facilities and bottling plant.
Since 2010, the Company has been taken by Fabio Mecca, winemaker, with whom it has been decided to set a path of exponential growth by linking the ancient to the modern , under the sign of continuity.vite
Today the winery produces and bottles several types of IGP, in particular the ones from the renowned vineyards of Cirò, Pellaro and Arghillà.
The company's strategy, as well as its predominant feature is the ongoing research, almost tireless of the quality product which must be faithful to its source of production, but with attention to international tastes .
The growth path of the Visalli winery is still at the beginning, but dedication and professionalism will determine a valid and important way!

Cantina Visalli ...Heart Of Calabria!