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The Visalli Winery is located in Pallica , district of Melito di Porto Salvo, a town overlooking the Ionian Sea , known for the landing of Garibaldi, the hero of two worlds and the "thousand" and, in memory of this event , the Garibaldi Museum was recently built, located on the " Lungomare dei mille ".

Melito is also located a few kilometers from the mountain and nearby it is possible to visit the ancient village of Pentedattilo , famous for the fortress that resembles a cyclopean hand in the shape of five fingers and whose name, in Greek, "Penta + daktylos ", means, in fact," five fingers ".

In this beautiful village it was consumed around the seventeenth century. the tragedy of the Marquises Alberti di Pentedattilo, a terrible slaughter carried out in revenge by Baron Bernardino Abenavoli del Franco, Lord of Montebello Ionico.

The Alberti are also remembered as they had their own residence built in Melito and also promoted the construction of two churches: the Immaculate Conception and the Sanctuary of Porto Salvo, the latter to accommodate the effigy of a Madonna with child found on homonymous beach.

Not far from the mountain, therefore, the town of Melito offers its visitors the opportunity to follow a delicious food and wine tour among the picturesque villages located along the Tuccio Valley.




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